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heighten eXXXperiences

Tales from days long past

12 June
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Ok...the interests don't say much aboutthe inner life, or the fact that everyone is been playing with writing who blogs. Nearly all stories will center around incredible erotic sex, often happening outside. That's really all we care to write about and read about anymore. Whether the story is about heavy erotic themes within historical conjecture, following the life of slave girl of something more modern and adventuresome; everyone dreams of being a slave to someone. We've all daydreamed this character for years, maybe to help us get through another miserable day of working a pink collar job somewhere..

and of course...youthful exploits...always a favorite topic...which is what this community is all about. Please don't worry about staying in the master slave frame. The key thing is to think of outdoors sex, vacation sex, beaches and fishing trips.